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Want to know more or have Aidan come and share? Just contact Toren Anderson at or give us a call at (404) 422-6671. Who knows? Maybe it will bring you to a new place in your giving too!

MSNBC – Melissa Harris-Perry
We appreciate this wonderful coverage but we have a correction. Aidan Cares is all about bringing awareness and any donations through Aidan's appearances go directly to our non-profit partners. We have worked with hundreds of worthy charities. As Aidan says, "This is just a kid and his Mom."

Aidan Thomas Hornaday, age 13, has been a harmonica jamming boy since he was little. One night he ended up with $80 in tips in his fedora while playing his vintage harp in C&S Seafood & Oyster Bar in Atlanta where he was playing because bored at a grownup dinner. That very night, he decided to give that to charity to fight parasites for children in Africa. He read an article about the plight and it was his heart to help buy pills to help stop the suffering. That was the start of AidanCares. Since then, things have really taken off.

Aidan plans to be a lifelong giver and believes all children should have the opportunity to give too. His mission is to encourage parents and adults to model giving to the children in their lives. "We are raising the most selfish generation in history and it can be so much better. Parents are into giving their kids amazing experiences but forget to include helping people, the earth or animals, whatever touches their heart as part of their job. Chances are, when they will grow up they will never make a difference. They won't know how. We want to change that by helping them find their passion and serve from their gifts."

AidanCares is in the process of producing a series of videos for "Giving 101" which will educate families on how to meet needs locally, nationally and globally in hopes it will make it easier for us all to jump into giving and make it a way of life for the little ones you love. Help your child find their heart for giving and they too will see that no matter how small, they make a difference.

Aidan has played gigs and speaking appearances all over to make his dreams happen, from street corners to nursing homes to schools to convention centers to The Red Bar on 30A to Hard Rock Cafe and oh so many gigs in between. If you would like for him to come and share, please get in touch.